Art Event Review #1 & 2

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CSUSM Art Gallery Opening, March 9

Old California Restaurant Row, San Marcos

The best part about the opening was the fantastic catering. The band was entertaining. I was not impressed with the photography of the exhibit. The photographs did not look professional. However, I am more partial to film photography, due to the skill and extensive process in the dark room. Most people can edit photographs via computer program, but not everyone can successfully develop film and print it in the dark room.

I did, however, gain more respect for some of the art faculty, as they demonstrated skills in basket-weaving and highly detailed paper art {an example of this form of art can be found here}.


Type Specimen Book

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Making Connections

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English / Japanese Calendar

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Top 40 Beer

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White Wine Menu for Stone Brewing, World Bistro & Gardens

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Font Attributes

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